Scientific Division

Scientific division of the Croatian Physical Society is mostly concerned with questions related to research. It organizes Scientific Meeting of the CPS on the two years basis. The leader of the division is associate prof. dr. Dijana Dominis Prester.

Educational Division

In major part, work within this division is related to secondary school teaching. The division represents school teachers at the Ministry of education and in general public as well. It is also working permanently on the physics education in primary and high schools by improving the plan, program and educational process. It organizes series of lectures on selected topics of the contemporary physics for school teachers. Also, each year it organizes a Symposium Pysics Education. The leader of the division is Melita Sambolek, prof.

Division for promotion of Physics

The activities od the division are aiming to popularization of physics on TV, radio, newspapers and Internet. The leader of the division is associate prof. dr. Davor Horvatic.

Division for Industrial and Applied Physics

The intention of the division activities is to promote applicative aspects of physics in various institutions and economy. The leader of the division is assistant prof. dr. Nikola Poljak.

Students' Division

The division deals with questions which are of interest to students in the process of their education and preparation for becoming young scientists. The leader of the division is Ana Milinovic, student.