Meetings and Competitions of Croatian Young Physicists

Every year, with financial support from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, CPS organizes meetings and competitions in physics for pupils of primary and high schools, on regional and national level. Project leader is prof. dr. Kreso Zadro.

Summer School for Young Physicists

Every year, with financial support from the Ministry of Science and Education and various donations, CPS organizes Summer School for Young Physicists. The participants are the pupils that were awarded on national competition in physics, as well as guests (pupils) from abroad.
The leader of the Summer School is assistant prof. dr. Nikola Poljak.


E-school is one of the CPS activities aiming to improve physics education in high and primary schools. It is ment for pupils that have special interest for physics, to help them take creative seps towards unknown utilizing the Internet and various network services. The leader of E-school is dr. Ivica Aviani.

Working group Women in Physics

Following the instructions of the EPS, the group Woman in Physics was founded on June 2, 2003. In the background of this initiative lies the fact that the number of woman in physics is generally small (under 15%) in all countries, and such groups were formed to the end of finding ways to increase their participation in activities related to physics.
The members of the Group are:
associate prof. dr. Vernesa Smolčić, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
assistant prof. dr. Dijana Dominis Prester, The School of Medicine, University of Rijeka
dr. Ana Babić, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb