Croatian Physical Society (CPS) was founded on December 19, 1990 with the aim of promotion and development of scientific, educational and pedagogic activities in the field of physics. Prior to that date, the Croatian physicists acted within the frame of the Society of the Croatian Mathematicians and Physicists (founded in 1949), which developed out of the Mathematics-Physics Division of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences (founded on August 27, 1945).

The activities of the Croatian Physical Society are carried out through Divisions - Scientific, Educational, Students', Division for promotion of Physics and Division for Industrial and Applied Physics. The Society publishes popular magazine Mathematical-Physical Journal (in cooperation with the Croatian Mathematical Society) for pupils, teachers and students. Formerly, scientific journals FIZIKA A and FIZIKA B, were published also. Other activities of the CPS include E-school of Physics, organization of the Summer School for Young Physicists, primary and high school competitions in physics (on regional and national levels), as well as preparation of gifted students for participation in international competitions (Physics Olympiad and Young Physicist's Tournament).

CPS is a member of European Physical Society (EPS) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

The Society has 600 members, out of which about 150 are high school teachers, and 80 are students.