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  The Croatian Physical Society has 600 members, out of which about 150 are teachers and 80 are students.

  Entitled to become members of the Croatian Physical Society are the Croatian citizens and forigners which accept the Satut and regulations of the
     Society. Also, institutions registered in Croatia or abroad can become members of the Croatian Physical Society.

  The members of the Croatian Physical Society can be:
     younger (students)

  Entitled to become regular members of the Society are the following:
     1. Persons who have graduated physics from the University or from an equivalnet high school where the physics was major or one of the two majors.
     2. Persons who graduated from the University or from an equivalnet high school, in the fields other than physics, granted that its activity (educational,
          scientific) is related to physics.

  Persons who are studying physics as a major at the University or at an eqiuvalent high school, can become younger members of the Society.

  The persons who achieved prominent results in the field of physics, or made particular contribution to the promotion of the Society by their activities,
     can be elected by the General Assembly to be honorary members of the Society.

  Institutions which have made financial contribution to the Society, set by the General Assembly, can become supporing members.

  To become a member of the Croatian Physical Society the aplicants are required to fill in on-line application form.
     When signed in to CPS memberhip page, the members can choose whether to receive a pay sheet for the membership fee by post, or by e-mail.
     If for any reason a member personally fills in the pay sheet, please declare your membership ID on the pay sheet, and make a payment on the
     Croatian Physical Society account (Zagrebačka banka d.d., IBAN: HR7123600001101301202).

  Since January 1, 2014 the membership fee is:
     160 kunas for regular members - scientists
       80 kunas for regular members - teachers in elementary and secondary schools
       80 kunas for members youger than 30 years
       50 kunas for retired members
       20 kunas for students

  The update of the membership category (scientist, teacher, student...) and other personal data is available on membership pages. We kindly
     request the members of CPS to keep their data up-to-date. If you have any problems, please contact us by e-mail (